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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gorgeous Lemons!

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Here are some pictures of the lemon harvest from my backyard this season. The yield has been better from last year, as you can make out from the pictures the lemons are absolutely juicy and so very gorgeous to look at.

After distributing it among friends and family I'm still left with a lot of lemons. I wanted someone to please suggest what I can make with them....apart from lemon pickle, that is!


Rahin said...

wow ....i love lemons ...i wish i was ur neighbor:) but u can use those lemons in lemon pies , citrus bars, lemon cookies, lemon pound cake , i can add lemon to almost anything ....thts how much i like them :)

Mona said...

Well, Those lemons look really gorgeous !! I recollected our good old lemon tree tree we had in India at my parents house. It was sooo old, but its lemons were always large, and very juicy. We used to distribute them among neighbours, friends, relatives, then prepare some lemon pickle , and then extract the juice from the remaining lemons and freeze them in ice trays. Later put all the lemon juice cubes into a ziplock bag and store them for future use in any recipe as need arises.


Lubna said...

Rahin: that's an impressive list. Can you please point me to some good recipes, coz I got loads of lemons ready to pop :)

Mona: Wow, freezing the lemon juice is a great tip...only problem is that there are soooo many lemons. But Insh'Allah I'll definately extract the juice soon.

Thanks a bunch guys,

Rahin said...

hey lubna just gimme ur email id or email me at bloglazzat@gmail.com
n i have few recipes to share n it wud make a v v v long comment :D

humaira said...

Hi Lubna,
I was just browsing and that is how I found your blog. You have some amazing recipies written here. wow!. I am originally from hyderabad and love hyderabadi food. Your khatti dal recipe is just the way I make it. I think I will be a regular visitor :-).

Lubna said...

Hello Humaira,
Its good to see someone from Hyderabad here. Aww all my recipes are regular Hyderabadi food...and khatti dal happens to be my favorite!
Keep in touch..until next time!

Mona said...

Eid Mubarak Lubna !!

Kate / Kajal said...

Hey there Lubna , firstly thanks for dropping by my blog :)

And wow these are a lot of lemons. Definitely no one recipe would consume all these but try , key lime tart, or lemon drizzle cake , or lemon cheesecake ! You'll be left over with lots so i guess pickling is the last option , or have u tried lemon jam or chutney ? even those turn out pretty good.

And i'm 2 days late but Eid Mubarakh !

Lubna said...

Mona: Eid Mubarak to you too!

Kate/Kajal: Thanks so much for the Eid wishes.
Pickling is also my last option...yeah all the recipes sound appealing, have you any recipes that I can get my hands on???