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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Award!!!

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Mona from Zaiqa presented the Nice Matters Award to me.

Thanks for including my name in the Nice Matters Award. Its my first one too and it definately feels great to be part of the blogosphere and to be recognised by the small contribution I'm making in other bloggers lives.

Also another thanks to Mona for getting me out of my hibernation. Hopefully I'll be more frequent with my posts.

I would like to pass this award to Rahin at Lazzat, Archana at Spicyana, Fiber at 28 Cooks, Kate/Kajal at Aapplemint, Sailu at Sailu's Kitchen and again to Mona at Zaiqa.


Mona said...

Thank you Lubna :-) Nice to see you back, waiting eagerly for some yummy recipes from your side dear !


rahin said...

hi lubna , thank you so much for sharing ur award with me n congratulations to u too :)....hope to c u blogging soon

Lubna said...

Your Welcome Rahin...hope to see you back to blogging soon too.

Kate / Kajal said...

Oh Lubna , u have no idea how many times i have come back to find your New Year post again and again. I wondered what happened to you ?
Well i'm glad you're back now, missed u around. And thank you so much for this lovely award :D I feel honoured.

Lubna said...

You are most welcome Kate/Kajal!

Yeah I've been very irregular with my posts..I guess just too busy with the viral season.
Hopefully I should be posting something real soon :p