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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chicken Burrito

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Well, here it is....as promised, a chicken burrito recipe. Its very different in taste, and I generally use different fillings everytime I make them, for a change. Making the burittos with Tia Rosa tortillas was a mistake...coz, the tortillas are very thick and hard to bite on. So always stick to Mission tortillas if you want your burritos to be soft.

1 lb cooked minced chicken

For Burritos:
I packet TIA ROSA flour tortillas (makes 8)
Sour cream to spread on tortilla
Ready to use fresh salad
Tomato Ketchup
Ranch dressing

Prepare the Chicken Qeema, following instructions for making Qeema.

Warm a tortilla, on both sides on a flat pan.

Spread sour cream liberally on one side and place chicken, salad, ketchup and ranch dressing.

Bring both the flaps together and roll it away from you.

Warm in the microwave before serving for about 40 sec's.

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