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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Double Ka Meetha

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Now let me tell you something...this was my first attempt at making double ka meetha on my own and I must say that I did good...infact I did very good :) At first I was apprehensive but I finally gave in since I wanted to make it for my hubby on his BIRTHDAY!!!

Anyways, I looked for the recipe all over the net and bugged my aunt with innumerable calls. And finally made it with a combination of everyone's ideas...

Just out of the oven

clarified butter/ghee/olive oil
12-15 bread slices with their corners intact

Milk Khowa mixture:
4 cups milk
250 gms khowa
a pinch of saffron

For sugar syrup:
2-3 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 tsp ground cardamom

10-15 almonds, cashews and pistachios each

Heat ghee in a pan and deep fry the bread slices till they turn a lovely golden brown. Place them on paper towels to remove excess ghee. Set them aside.

Boil the dry fruits in batches, slice them in thin strips and deep fry them seperately.

In another pan bring water to a boil and add sugar and cardamom and keep stirring until the syrup turns sticky...keep this aside too.

In yet another pan bring milk to a boil and add saffron, slide in the khowa and let it simmer till the mixture thickens.

Preheat the oven on 350 degrees.

Place bread slices in a baking dish, pour the sugar syrup and top it off with the khowa milk mixture. Keep repeating by placing the bread slices in layers. Finally sprinkle half of the dry fruits on it and bake for 10 min's.

Spoon it out in serving bowls and garnish with the remaining dry fruits.


Anjum said...

Traditional recipes..it lokks well done...i cut the edges of the bread

Lubna said...

Anjum: It turns out delicious when baked in the oven, next time try to make it with the edges...it tastes mindblowing!

Pravs said...

looks yum ! have not tried this sweet before.

Lubna said...

Pravs: Its certainly yum, do try it and let me know :)