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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bean Burrito with Jalapeno Peppers

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I developed a fondness for Mexican food, during my pregnancies and that has stayed with me ever since. My favorite jaunt would be Taco Bell, were I would be digging into Crunch Wrap and the regular favorite Stuffed Grilled Burrito...almost every other day.

Since we don't get halal meat there I started making them at home with chicken and ground lamb. My hubby just loves them...and complains that I ruin his diet everytime I make these:P

Hopefully, I'll be posting a chicken burrito recipe soon. Here's the regular Bean Burrito!

1 packet of MISSION flour tortillas (makes approx 8)
Sour cream to spread on the tortilla
Tomato ketchup
Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilli sauce
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
Mexican Blend 4 chesse (available at Costco)

Cooked kidney beans, (for recipe see Kidney Beans Curry)

*With a few variations...instead of putting fresh tomatoes, use canned tomatoes with Jalapeno peppers, since burritos should be eaten spicy!

Note: All the ingredients listed above are not measured, you can use them according to your tastes or as needed.

Warm the tortilla on a flat pan on both sides. While still hot spread sour cream evenly all over the surface.

Put the kidney beans in the center and top it off with the 4 chesses, tomato ketchup, hot and sweet tomato chilli sauce and ranch dressing.

Bring the left and right flaps together and roll it away from you. Make sure that the stuffing is wrapped in nicely.

Just before serving, heat them slowly in the microwave...or until the chesse seems to have melted and covered the beans evenly. Serve hot with the sauces of your choice.

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