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Hmm you'll say...yet another food blog! And I'll beg to differ, although I must say my recipes are not hi-funda, and sometimes the pictures do not do justice to them (I'm working on that) but you'll find them extremely easy to cook, hassle free and down right delicious.
So if you are a newbie in the kitchen department or has not ventured into the kitchen for some strange reason (like me)...then you have come to the right place.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Jabbering!!!

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Found this on a box of sour cream, instead of the regular plastic foil...it brought a smile on my face!

For a while now I have just been beautifying my blog instead of posting recipes. I guess rather lazy to write them up, though I'm quick at posting the pictures :p, most of my recipes are getting saved as drafts. Hopefully, I'll be getting down to writing and also posting some amazingly delicious stuff soon...

Keep looking for this space to fill up!

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